You can donate to any of these funds online by clicking the fund name below. If you have any questions, please contact us at 360-378-1001 or by email at We can also take donations by phone, or you can mail payment to SJICF, PO Box 1352, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Please be sure to note the fund name with your mailed donation. Thank you!

Donate To A Fund

SJICF Operating Funds
Donate SJICF Operating Fund
SJICF is kicking off a Thanks + Giving year-end campaign in support of the many services offered by the foundation. These services are designed to help all islanders thrive through education, the arts, and a host of community nonprofit services. The first $25,000 in donations to the SJICF Operating Fund between now and December 31st will be matched by generous SJICF Board members and donors!
Donate SJICF Cornerstone Society
Cornerstone members contribute $1,000 or more annually to support SJICF operations costs. If your gift is more than $1,000, you can choose to allocate 50% of the additional amount to the Healthy Community Granting Fund. Simply indicate "HCF" in your donation notes if you wish to allocate some to the Healthy Community Fund. (Ex. Donation is $2,000; $1,500 goes to SJICF Ops, $500 goes to the Healthy Community Fund if you indicate "HCF" in the donation notes.)
Grant Funds
Donate SJICF Healthy Community Grant Fund - Build a Healthy Community for Everyone
The Healthy Community Grant Fund provides grant funding for a wide variety of nonprofits throughout the year. Contributions to this fund may be for general use or designated to a specific interest area fund, listed below. If you have an idea for a new area of interest, please contact us at 360-378-1001.
Donate SJICF Emergency Response Fund
A fund established to address the emerging critical needs in the San Juan Island community during an emergency or crisis affecting San Juan Islanders (currently related to COVID-19 response and recovery). Note: All fees will be covered by SJICF, including online donation fees. 100% of your donation will go to the nonprofits serving our most vulnerable community members.
Donate Pass Through
This fund can be used to donate to any nonprofit you choose (for a list of vetted and eligible local nonprofits, click Nonprofit Directory at the top of this page). SJICF will send your donation along to your chosen organization. This fund is especially useful if you wish to remain anonymous or if you want to contribute to multiple nonprofits in one simple transaction.
Donate Arts & Culture
Grant fund established to support arts & cultural preservation programs on San Juan Island.
Donate Community Infrastructure
Grant fund established to improve community and nonprofit infrastructure on San Juan Island.
Donate Education
Grant fund established to support education programs on San Juan Island.
Donate Environment
Grant fund established to support programs geared toward addressing environmental health on San Juan Island.
Donate Fund for Youth Athletics
This fund is devoted to the development & maintenance of high-quality athletic facilities for kids of all ages.
Donate Housing
Grant fund established to support programs addressing housing challenges on San Juan Island.
Donate Our Food Supply
Grant fund established to support programs geared toward improvement and increased access to a steady food supply on San Juan Island.
Donate Philosophy for Children
Grant fund established to support youth philosophy programs on San Juan Island.
Donate Senior Programs
Grant fund established to support senior programs/elder care programs on San Juan Island.
Donate SJICF Board of Directors Memorial Fund
Originally established to honor the memory of Eric Parsons, beloved SJICF Board Chair, this fund is to honor those who served as board members of SJICF.
Donate Social Needs
Grant fund established to support programs addressing general social needs on San Juan Island.
Donate SJICF Youth Philanthopy
Grant fund established to engage San Juan Island youth in philanthropy.
Donate The Georgia Baciu Classical Music Legacy Fund
Established with a bequest from Georgia Baciu to bring classical music into the local schools, grades K-12.
Nonprofit Endowments
Donate Music Fund
This endowed fund makes annual distributions to the San Juan Public Schools to support the music program.
Donate SJ Public Schools Foundation Fund
This endowed fund makes an annual distribution to the San Juan Public Schools Foundation in support of public education.
Donate Spring Street International School Endowment
Established in 2020, this endowed fund will provide needs-based scholarships to students attending Spring Street International School. Spring Street International School is a close-knit community dedicated to helping students from diverse backgrounds find their voice and passion to learn. For more information, visit
Nonprofit Funds
Donate Family Umbrella Group
Established to support the ongoing programs of the Family Umbrella Group on San Juan Island.
Donate Friends of the San Juan Island Library - General Fund
Established to support the ongoing programs of the San Juan Island Library.
Donate PADs for Parkinson's
Established to support San Juan Island-based PADs for Parkinson's mission to train dogs to detect Parkinson's, supply reproducible training protocols to all trainers, and to support research for Parkinson's.
Donate APS Friday Harbor Fund for the Future
Established to provide support for the mission of the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor to provide compassionate care and brighter futures for homeless animals.
Donate OPALCO Low-Income Program Assistance Fund
OPALCO recognizes that many members struggle to make ends meet on the islands, even when times are good. For this reason, and to help in times of difficulty, Project PAL was created as a vehicle for Co-op members to help their fellow members to pay their electric bills. Visit to learn more. In addition to making a donation, consider rounding up your OPALCO bill to help a neighbor in need.
Donate PIMC Cancer Care Center
Created to support the Cancer Care Center at PIMC in efforts to help patients feel more at ease during cancer treatment.
Donate PIMC III Art Fund
Created for PIMC interior and exterior art and sculpture.
Donate PIMC Nurses Training/Education
Supports all forms of training for nursing staff at PIMC (initial certifications as well as continuing professional development).
Donate PIMC Unrestricted Fund
Created to support general needs of the PeaceHealth/Peace Island Medical Center on San Juan Island.
Donate Rock Island Low-Income Internet Assistance Fund
Rock Island's goal is to make internet services accessible to all islanders. This fund was created to provide assistance to islanders who may be struggling to afford internet service in their home.
Donate Spring Street School Diversity Tuition Assistance Fund
Established to further enrich the SSIS student body with a diverse population of students, this fund provides tuition assistance for at least 2 students annually for Black, Latinx, native and immigrant students from our local community.
Nonprofit Project Designated Funds
Donate Friends of Alchemy
Established in 2021 to fund activities of the Alchemy Art Center in Friday Harbor.
Donate Friends of the San Juan Island Library - Building Fund
Created in 2019 to hold funds received for the new San Juan Island Library facility.
Donate San Juan Center Head Start Building Project
Established to support the expansion project for San Juan Center Head Start building and playground.
Donate SJIFRC "Changing Lives" Fund
In early 2018, the San Juan Island Family Resource Center launched a campaign to expand their current building in order to provide much-needed capacity for safety and client confidentiality, offices, restrooms, storage and program space critical to their mission. Donations to this fund helps support the building expansion.
Pooled Donor Advised Fund
Donate The Women's Fund of SJICF
The Women’s Fund of the San Juan Island Community Foundation was established in 2003 and meets the desire of many island women to provide an effective way to support important island needs. Membership fees are pooled into a donor-advised fund managed by your San Juan Island Community Foundation. The minimum annual donation is $100. Members vote to allocate the collective funds to nonprofits three times each year using the Foundation’s grant process.
  Donate Brown Island Fund
Established in 2021 as a vehicle for charitable giving on behalf of the Friday Island Homeowners Association (Brown Island).
SJICF General Endowment Funds
Donate General Endowment Fund - SJICF Operations
The SJICF Operating General Endowment supports SJICF operations. As an endowed fund, it is subject to the SJICF spending policy to ensure longevity.
Donate General Endowment Fund - Grants
The SJICF General Endowment Fund is used for general granting to nonprofits. As an endowed fund, it is subject to our spending policy to ensure longevity.
Scholarship Funds
Donate John Volk Memorial Fund
Established by the SJI Pilots Association in 2007 to honor John’s memory by encouraging others to follow his example, and by giving them the tools to do so. This fund provides financial assistance to students pursuing a career in an aviation related field. The scholarship program seeks to encourage and reward the sort of friendship, leadership, and service that typified John Volk’s presence in our community.
Donate SJICF General Scholarship Fund - Invest in a Local Student's Future
The SJICF General Scholarship Fund provides grants for a wide variety of opportunities, including college tuition and vocational training scholarships. The fund is managed by the SJICF Scholarship Committee.
Donate Marcia Zakarison MD Fund
This scholarship is provided in the name of Dr. Marcia Zakarison, who believed that every young person should have an equal opportunity to receive the best education possible. Dr. Zakarison was a healer of body and soul. She was an accomplished physician using her skills in medicine and her empathy and passion for the human spirit to promote healing.
Donate Dwight M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2021, this memorial scholarship fund is available to selected post-secondary students who graduate from a San Juan County high school.
Donate The Vida Wight Memorial Fund
Established to celebrate the life of Vida Wight by her parents, Cere and Larry, this fund will provide scholarships to post-secondary aged young women of color studying Spanish, dance, agriculture, or Somatics. The fund will honor Vida’s fierce energy, creativity, determination, and passion for life.
Other Funds